Power of Democracy?

I did think this was an April fool joke when i stumbled on it at the start of last month! I’ve just found it again – and no it’s no joke!

Through this site writers get to pitch their ideas to the public and people get to pledge their support if they are interested. If enough support is found the author presses ahead. If not Plan B. Really truly democracy in action.

I do think its open to abuse and also it all hinges on who is the most motivated support and pledge. What if the unicorn loving, pink wearing lunatic fringe (perhaps I should be in this quadrant) decides it wants no more books on crime? Or no more books based in Liverpool… But perhaps thats all democracy is – rule of the majority – who ever that may be.

One may imagine that its a great way to canvas opinion on new talent, but many established authors and personalities have used the site (Kate Mosse, Robert Llewellyn, Terry Jones).

Different levels of support get different items, for example for only £10 you get digital access to the product (book) and for £25 a hardback signed edition. “All supporters get their name printed in every edition of the book. All levels include the e-book and immediate access to the author’s shed. Supporters of books that don’t reach their target receive a FULL refund.”

Anyway here is the site Unbound


What do you think?

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