I need a boss holiday


Boss – Hello, good news! Turns out I will be in London on Wednesday next week.

Me – Ok… (waiting for the penny to drop but also calculating how many hours she will lose signal for during her travels (every cloud..))

Boss – and I have an hour free 12-1!

Me – Ok… (fear the punch line is coming)

Boss – Shall we have our 1:1 then?

Me – Ok… (there goes my lunch hour)

Boss – Great! So I’ll see you then!

Me – Erm… You want me to come to London? To see you for one hour?

Boss – Yes, is that a problem?

Me – No its no problem at all. The train journey is only 2.5 hours on the train, 40min on the tube, 30min on a bus and a 20min walk. No problem. At all.

Boss – Great! See you on Wednesday!

This is the last straw! She is definitely not getting a birthday present this year!!


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