Maybe she’s right

My friend Queenie thinks I do too much. It’s a constant rolling argument between us. She says I should cut my self some slack and stop pushing myself so hard. I think “Why aren’t there more hours in the day??”

As I type this I’m on holiday (staycation) sitting in the park. In theory I’m sunning my legs (if only the sun would cooperate) so they start to look less like Lincolnshire sausages (mottled, spotty and a revolting shade of pink that all raw meat has (in my eyes!)). In reality I’m multi tasking. So yes leg tanning (tick) but I’m also doing other stuff.

Let’s ignore the obvious and compulsory – blogging, tweeting and facebooking… (tick)

I’m also arranging this weeks social diary. Doing something every night takes some coordination! “And total lack of spontaneity” I hear you say. You may be right but I’m more of a Don’t-Try-Don’t-Get kind of girl. I hate to miss an opportunity when it’s in my power not to. But either way – nights out (tick).

So apart from the above, the obvious, I’m also reading “Catching Fire” part two in the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. I read all of part one in a couple of sittings, hating myself for enjoying it so much (I’m 35 not 5! Surely I should have graduated to something more intellectual by now??! (My writing class teacher tries to push Zola and Amis at me but It just doesn’t stick)). It’s simple yet beautifully written. I find the POV and tense really engaging. I started on part two this dawn and I’m a third of the way through. (tick)

I’m also wringing the next chapter of Project One, the Novel – working title “I killed you last night”. It’s at a delicate stage and the chapter must cover an uncomfortable topic – the sex scene between two of the main characters. I’m see this as essential yet it makes me so uncomfortable that I’ve been avoiding it for months. It’s time has come today! (argh!) But nonetheless tick!

I’m also editing. I’ve done the second draft of the first 10 chapters, which is to say I’ve reread them for the first time and also stitched them all together. I write as if I’m vomiting words, all directly onto any media device at hand. To make this harder I also just write whichever bit is resonating with me at the time. Occasionally I will force myself to write a bit that ‘needs’ writing. So today I’m rereading the next ten chapters, rearranging them and gluing into a coherent sequence.

For Christmas, at my request, my sibling got me a book on trees. I’m determined to be able to tell the most common British trees apart. It was all deferred during the winter as who would have thunk it there were no leaves (they are the most distinguishing features, and I really will never aspire to being able to tell the trees apart by the trunk or bark (because that would just be crazy)). So far I can tell Lime, Horse Chestnut and Sycamore but the park I’m in is a botanical garden and has many more opportunities for tree spotting. I’m stuck on some kind of maple – either Field Maple or Norway Maple. It’s leaves are maple shaped and regular but the tree itself is a dwarf variety… Very tricky!

Needless to say that while doing all these things I’m constantly cramming my face with food and drink. This week I’m very determined to get in my five-a-day. Two scoffed already – Wooop!

And then there is the obligatory hand & toe nail painting (who wants to look chipped??).

Maybe Queenie is right.

Next week I’ll explore why I’m so desperate to work hard and please.
Answers on a postcard!



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