Day 6 NaNoWriMo – Early

Sometimes I feel that I write because the words just need to be said. They come bursting out. Do I need to see a shrink? Is it madness that to feel that you are merely a channel through which your imaginary characters can say their words and speak their mind?

There are some characters that are easier to speak for than others. Some you feel more aligned to, more sympathetic towards. They share something of you and you have things in common as much as you can have things in common with a figment of your imagination.

I am curious to learn if other people, other writer feel the same. I think they do, I guess they do. Which begs the question how do you write the lives, and words of those characters you have nothing in common with? How do you verbalise the feelings of personas you hate? Where in the psyche does that come from? I’d like to know how people speak for murderer, rapists and pedophiles.

It must be hard to paint them s real people and it must feel dirty to speak on their behalf. You don’t want to sympathise with them or their actions. Perhaps that is why they are often the hidden, the mysterious and the hunted. They stay relatively out of the picture the focus ever-present of the hero, the vanquisher. Yet I think that’s where the real talent comes in, if you can speak for those you detest and still make them rich and colourful, make them believable and sometimes sympathetic, you must have great skill.

I think that’s where I have a gap. I need to make my baddies more real and more believable. This morning I focused on the anger of the victim but later I will try to speak for the hated and see if I can make them come alive in my novel.


3 thoughts on “Day 6 NaNoWriMo – Early

  1. I always used to hear the phrase “write about what you know” and wondered how I could write a crime novel. I’m neither a police officer, nor (happy to announce) a murderer. The write about what I know is the people side of the writing. The characters I write happen to do things, but they are still people. Troubled, messed up nutters in some cases, but I try to bring that out through their character in the story. Try 🙂

    • I know what you mean. If we only wrote what we knew science fiction and crime genres would hardly exist. But yes it’s the people, the shared situations that we know and they are the thread through any police procedural novel or high fantasy story.

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