Absence Form

I’m not sure I want to acknowledge how inconsistent my posting is… Its been a few months since I crash and burned in NaNoWriMo… I’d like to say I have a good excuse…

sick-note2and I guess I do (family illness, divorce, house moves (2)) but the truth is that writers write. They write when the times are good and they write when the excrement hits the rotating blades.

It’s not all doom and absence though. I have been writing and editing. Slowly and in bits. Sadly it’s not on the novel. I have used the life events to work on a new short (long) story, which is now 90% complete.

This weekend I will start editing the novel and filling in the few gaps that remain.

I’m also looking at what conventions and festivals to attend this year. I want to get more involved in the UK writing community. Last year I went to Alt Fiction which was fantastic (very educational) and Harrogate Crime Festival (which was not so educational – But I got to meet Ben Aaronovitch (squee)!).

Any suggestions? What cons / festivals are gonna be good this year?