Thanks for taking a peek!

This blog tracks my journey from science geek to … something else.

From school and all through my working life I’ve been interested in science and technology. Looking at how things work, why they don’t and how we interact with our world has preoccupied my 9 to 5.

Till recently.

About eight months ago I started an evening writing course that changed my life. From walking through the door I found myself in a quirky creative environment. It reminded me how much words mean to me, why I love reading and how over productive and twisted my mind is.

I dug through my old diaries and found the maudlin teenage poetry I used to write and the stories I jotted incessantly in the margins of my text books. Now I can’t stop my self. Every day a new idea comes and there aren’t enough hours in the day to fit in my day job and my night passion.

This space is somewhere for me to log my exploration of this uncharted land. I want to write things that will move others and things people can connect with.

Let me know what you think!


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