As the page title suggests I want this to be a space to put up some short or flash length stories I have written.

The first one I will post just flew out of my pen and onto the page. I submitted it to the Sentinel Literary Quarterly and won the Quarterly Edition First Prize. This story will be included in the August 2012 Magazine. It was the most exciting thing I have EVER to happen to me 🙂

Please be warned there is some blue language used.

I’m running as fast as I can. There is nothing but the pulse of my blood, as it crashes thought me. It’s deafening, it is all I can hear. The only other sensation is the rip and tear of air as it enters my ragged throat. It cannot get in and out fast enough for my stressed out heart. My poor heart. It does all it can, but there is only so much blood it can pump, if it had a mind it might tell me that I should have thought about this earlier. A few minutes on the treadmill and less time sofa surfing. Too fucking late now.

I’m running, my chubby body screaming for me to stop. But I have to run because my no-fucking-good boyfriend is chasing me with an axe through Parsons Creek. Fucking Jason. Yeah ma you were right. No good loser. How the hell have I not lost him yet? The fat fuck.

I’m running but every so often I try and look back to see if he is still there. There’s just enough light to see where I’m going but it won’t last. I slow down to a jog and glance behind. Nothing. No Jason. I stop behind a tree and hold my breath listening. There is no noise. I’ve lived all my life in Petersburg and played in Parsons Creek a million times. I know this isn’t right. Where are the birds, the mice, the critters?

About a mile further and I’ll hit the main route into town. It’s not much but it’s densely populated and it will be dark by then. Who knows what I will find there?

Jason had seemed normal but in the blink of an eye he turned. We’d been chatting in my parent’s kitchen about Janelle’s party this weekend. He stood by the sink filling a glass of water, took a sip, said he thought it might be cool if we went and that Janelle’s folks were out of town. He wanted me to drive, as usual, and I agreed. He always pushes me around. Then – crash – he dropped the glass. He seemed dazed, shook his head, then turned and lunged at me. At first I thought he was just messin’ but he god damn nearly strangled me. I grabbed at the nearest thing, a retro glass ashtray and kept smashing his head till he let go. It wasn’t as quick as you imagine. When he did quit I didn’t stop to think. I just ran.

The river at the bottom of our farm runs into Parsons Creek after about half a mile. I stopped at the river to see if he was coming, but when he walked through the back door with the axe I didn’t make the same mistake again.

Its silent in the wood, the only noise is my heart. Hope no one else can hear it in the eerily silent wood. Luckily there is no sign of Jason either. I wonder if he’s stopped to listen out for me. It’s like a spooky game of Chicken but I’ll be damned if I’m moving first.

After a few minutes of crouching there, my heart has slowed up and my breath is back to normal. Still no Jason but then I hear it. Foot steps. Someone is running flat out. It must be Jason. Shit I hope he can’t see me. The light is not so good right now.

And then I see him. It’s not Jason, It’s Jimmy Higgins. He’s been fishing. He still has on his waders, but boy he sure is running as fast as he can. Right behind him comes Jason. His shirt is torn, his face is covered in blood. He must have stumbled onto Jimmy and Jimmy gave him more trouble than I did. As I’m thinking this Jimmy trips and falls landing with a heavy crunch of bone on stone and in no time Jason is on him. I swear to god I’ve never seen the boy so active. All of a sudden the quiet forest if filled with screams and the sounds of flesh and cloth tearing. I’m sorry Jimmy. I stay low and edge away, heading in the direction of where I think town is. My legs ache and crouching is killing my knees but this could be my one chance. I can’t mess this up.

The edge of the forest is closer than I thought and just as I’m about to run out and into the end of Main Street I see that it’s not been spared. But I can’t stay here forever. I need to find somewhere safe, if any such place exists, and I can work the rest out from there. Jason will be done with Jimmy at some point and he’ll be back after me then.

Here goes nothing I think and edge out from behind the last trees. I can’t see any people, which is probably good news. I decide not to risk Main Street and stick to the back roads. I’m going to try and get into Matt’s bookshop. Matt is my older brother and he’s the kind of guy you want on your side in a fight. If he’s there, and not … not one of them. No point thinking about Matt. No point wondering about ma and pa. Just get to the bookshop. You can be safe there.

All in all the back streets are quite quiet. But there are bodies. Some I recognise and some I don’t. I stop by an old lady and see It’s poor old Mrs Myers who used to work in the bakery. After her, I don’t stop to look again.

Somehow I make it to the back door of the book shop and it’s fucking locked. The window is closed and I’d have to stand up to look in. I’ve been crouching all they way here, its bliss to stand up again and stretch the cramping muscles in my legs. Then I hear it. Someone is moving inside. What if the person inside is one of them? I can’t stay here all night, so as slowly as I can I edge up and peer in. It’s not Matt. But it is Randy, his shop boy. He is looking edgy and searching through the cupboards in the back room. At least there are no corpses or blood. I stand up and tap on the window gently. Despite my best effort he yells and near enough jumps out of his skin. When he sees its me I wave and point at the door.

Jeez Marcie you scared me half to death.” He sounds angry but he hugs me as soon as I am through the door. I’m so fucking glad I’m not alone any more.

Where’s Matt Randy?”

He’s in the basement with the Richardson twins. They were shopping when it… when all hell broke loose.”

At any other time I would have ribbed my brother about being alone with two blonde twins but my heart leaps to know that I’m safe and that Matt is here too.

Help me get some food and water downstairs.”

Sure Randy.” I say and reach to turn the lights on.

NO!” he says and grabs my arm. “They can see us if we turn the lights on.” He is gentle, but he’s grabbed me where Jason bit into my arm. Randy pulls his hand back and sees the blood on his palm.

Oh Marcie I’m sorry. You’re hurt. Who… who was it?”
I pull my sleeve up and expose the wound. You can clearly see the mark every tooth has made. That fat fucker Jason.

It’s ok. It doesn’t hurt any more. I’ll wrap it later.”

Sure. Grab that box of crackers from the top shelf. Matt’s secret stash. He thinks I don’t know all his hidey holes. And the first aid kit – in the far left cupboard.”

We gather all the food that’s in the shop, there isn’t much of it. Enough for now, for tonight. There’s a whole stack of mineral water and while I take the lighter stuff Randy takes the water down.

It’s hard to get down the steps in the dark but I take it slow, and there is a flickering light coming from below.

At the bottom of the steps is a candle in a jar. Randy puts the water in the corner by the stairs and picks up the jar. The cellar of the shop is made up of two dry and dusty rooms where the dregs of the shop are stored in. In this first room there are boxes piled to the low ceiling but there is no Matt or twins.


Keep your voice down Marcie. He’s through here.” Randy walks to the other room and puts the candle jar down. My heart is in my mouth suddenly. In the corner piled up on the floor are Matt and the twins.

Sorry Marcie. They got bit too.” Randy you Ass I think as Randy hits the side of my head with a brick.


3 thoughts on “Stories

  1. ehm, where is the story?? Or am I missing something? I think I like your writing style and would like to read the story, only I can not find it 😦

    • Hello 🙂

      Its not you its me! I need to make sure that its ok to publish the SLQ story prior to the magazine for August being issued. I hope to have the story up tomorrow at the latest.


      • Am I glad, for a minute I thought I was really going crazy 😉 I´ll keep my eyes open for your story then 🙂

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