I need a boss holiday


Boss – Hello, good news! Turns out I will be in London on Wednesday next week.

Me – Ok… (waiting for the penny to drop but also calculating how many hours she will lose signal for during her travels (every cloud..))

Boss – and I have an hour free 12-1!

Me – Ok… (fear the punch line is coming)

Boss – Shall we have our 1:1 then?

Me – Ok… (there goes my lunch hour)

Boss – Great! So I’ll see you then!

Me – Erm… You want me to come to London? To see you for one hour?

Boss – Yes, is that a problem?

Me – No its no problem at all. The train journey is only 2.5 hours on the train, 40min on the tube, 30min on a bus and a 20min walk. No problem. At all.

Boss – Great! See you on Wednesday!

This is the last straw! She is definitely not getting a birthday present this year!!


Is it me?? (aka My Mad Boss)

As soon as someone says “I don’t mean to moan!” you can prepare for a rant or a tirade. In that spirit let me begin…

I don’t have many complaints in life. Really and truly I’m blessed, but occasionally the effort of doing a stressful and gruelling day job and then coming home (via the gym) to write or edit chapters can take its toll.

I can manage most days but some u just want to scream and tell Day job to go f*** itself and embrace Evening job completely.

Today is one of those days.

I have two bosses at Day job. Yay you I hear you say – because one is just never enough!

Male boss is great. Mostly because he ignores me and just let’s me get on with it… so far.

Lady boss… Well she’s special. I’m a feminist and huge believer in The Sisterhood. Women STILL get the raw end of the deal despite male protestations that we have equality so we should just shut up. If we are equal how come we get paid less than you?? Anywho she is special as she has the capacity to reduce me to violence and anger in seconds.

Example 1
Boss “Can you please arrange a 1:1 where we can review your activities?”
Me “Sure.” thinking… You speak to me ten times a day what could you possibly have to say in a ANOTHER 1:1??!

Next day…
Boss via email “Why have you not sent me an invite for a 1:1?”
Me – resends the invite.

Day after..
Boss again via email “You have to arrange the 1:1 ASAP.”
Me – roll my eyes and re-reissue the invite again.

Boss yet again via email “Your refusal to arrange the 1:1 is unacceptable. You have to do it ASAP. This will go down in your half year review!”

I just rang her to point out that not only have I sent it once immediately after she asked, I have also sent several reinvites and confirmations.

Boss “Oh. I see. Well guess they got archived. Yes I see them now. Thanks.” then hangs up.
Me – slam phone down, yell expletives, and while avoiding colleagues looks go to the toilets scream internally “Aaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh!!” while throwing cold water on my face.

She ain’t no sister of mine!!!